Is Cold Laser Therapy A Scam Or A Legitimate Treatment

Is Cold Laser Therapy A Scam Or A Legitimate Treatment

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Mastering Cold Laser Therapy Training Essentials
Mastering Cold Laser Therapy Training Essentials provides healthcare practitioners with the clinical insight into using BIOFLEX professional laser systems. The live online interactive seminar covers fundamentals of the technology, physics, laser/light parameters, laser/tissue interaction, evidence based research and BIOFLEX clinic case studies.

Implementing laser treatment increases patient outcomes and adds a new revenue stream to your practice. LTI members stay informed on the latest findings and provide their technicians with new settings and protocols for the most effective treatments.

This course is designed to familiarize you with the principles and mechanisms of LLLT. It is not a practical “how to” push button course for operating different commercial devices but it will help you understand the differences between them, making it easier to select the best device for your practice.

During this webinar you will learn the basics of laser therapy including historical perspectives, mechanisms of action, physics, wavelengths, pulses, and safety considerations as well as evidence-based research. You will also gain a better understanding of the business side of laser therapy including clinic integration, billing procedures, insurance coverage and more.

LTI has designed this video to fulfill the ANSI Z136.1 Safe Use of Lasers training requirements for anyone working directly or indirectly with lasers in the workplace. This is the minimum level of safety training required by law for any person using lasers.

Laser Therapy is used in a multitude of applications within veterinary medicine to improve patient outcomes, decrease pain and inflammation, as well as enhance the clinic bottom line. Learn how to implement laser into your practice with confidence, success and life-changing results.

LLLT is quickly becoming a standard treatment for most chronic pain patients. Its benefits have allowed it to penetrate the veterinary community, from specialty chronic pain specialists into the primary care veterinarians office.

Using a handheld laser, chiropractors laser center can address common problems such as slouching that leads to neck and shoulder pain and joint issues including arthritis in the hips, stifle and elbows (see below). When combined with manual adjustments, a chiropractic session becomes even more effective for your clients. With a wide range of treatments available, you can choose the best approach to your client’s needs and comfort levels. Our courses provide the information you need to deliver a successful outcome with every visit.

With certification, you will be able to differentiate yourself from other aestheticians and attract new clients. The process of becoming certified requires rigorous training, passing challenging examinations, and adhering to high standards of practice and ethics.

Certification demonstrates your commitment to providing safe, effective treatments to your patients and their families. The rigors of the program will build your comfort level with laser technology while establishing your ability to effectively integrate this advanced tool into your practice.

As low-level laser therapy research continues to grow, you’ll have access to ongoing updates and guidance to stay up-to-date on the latest settings, protocols, and applications for clinical effectiveness. These advancements are essential for delivering optimal treatment outcomes that help you stand out from your competition and increase revenue at your clinic.